Friday, February 22, 2013

Suffix Exercise

Latihan Akhiran (suffixes) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Latihan 1
Create nouns by adding an appropriate suffix to each word below. Write the noun and the meaning. If necessary, you may use a dictionary.
(Buatlah kata benda dengan cara menambahkan akhiran yang sesuai kepada setiap kata di bawah.)

Suffix           Word             Noun                   Definition
       -ion         digest             digestion               the process of digesting food
  1. -ance   endure           ____________     _____________________
  2. -ence   competent     ____________      _____________________
  3. -er       organize        ____________      _____________________
  4. -or       conquer        ____________      _____________________
  5. -ion      discuss         ____________      _____________________
  6. -tion     delete           ____________      _____________________
  7. -ism     mystic           ____________      _____________________
  8. -ment   commit         ____________      _____________________
  9. -ness    effective       ____________      _____________________
  10. -ion      restrict         ____________      _____________________

Latihan 2
Write the adjective and the meaning. If necessary, you may use a dictionary.
(Tulislah kata sifat dan artinya. Jika perlu, Anda boleh mengunakan kamus.)

Suffix            Word         Adjective               Definition
  1. -able    conceive    ___________         ___________________
  2.  -al       season       ____________       _____________________
  3. -ful       bounty       ____________       _____________________
  4. -ic        angel         ____________       _____________________
  5. -ous     monotony  ____________       _____________________
  6. -ious    deviate      ____________       _____________________
  7. -ive      suggest     ____________        _____________________
  8. -y         panic        ____________       _____________________
  9. -ic        strategy    ____________        _____________________
  10. -less     law          ____________        _____________________

Latihan 3
Write the verb and the meaning. If necessary, you may use a dictionary.
(Tulislah kata kerja dan artinya. Jika perlu, Anda boleh menggunakan kamus.)

Suffix             Word          Verb                         Definition
  1. -ate       valid            ____________         ___________________
  2. -ify        justice         ____________         ___________________
  3. -ize       custom        ____________         ___________________
  4. -ate       equal          ____________         ___________________
  5. -ify        quantity      ____________         ___________________
  6. -ize        economy   ____________          ___________________

Latihan 4
Read each word, underline the suffix, and write the part of speech (noun, adjective or verb) and write the meaning.
(Bacalah setiap kata, garis bawahi akhirannya, dan tulis kelas katanya (kata benda, kata sifat, atau kata kerja) dan tulis artinya.)

Word                    Part of Speech         Meaning
          meaningless      adjective             having no purpose or importance
  1. harmonize       ________            _______________________
  2. environmental ________            _______________________
  3. differenciate     ________            _______________________
  4. ethnic               ________            _______________________
  5. qualitative       ________            _______________________
  6. optional           ________            _______________________
  7. negate             ________            _______________________
  8. identical          ________            _______________________
  9. precedence      ________            _______________________
  10. investigative   ________            _______________________  
Latihan 5

In each sentence find a word with a prefix or suffix. Underline the word and write it again, divided into its parts. Then look for the definition in the dictionary.
(Dalam setiap kalimat temukan kata dengan awalan atau akhiran. garisbawahi kata tersebut dan tulislah ia lagi, bagilah ke dalam bagian-bagiannya. Kemudian cari definisinya dalam kamus.)

Contoh: The supervisor of the factory expects all the employees to arrive on time every morning.
      Word:    supervisor                     Parts: super + vis + or
      Definition: someone who oversees a person or activity 
1. It was necessary to revise the plan numerous times before everyone could agree.
Word: _____________   Parts: _________________________________
Definition: _________________________________________________
2. The magic show included a woman who claimed she could perform mental telephaty.
Word: _____________   Parts: _________________________________
Definition: _________________________________________________
3. In any language it is possible to generate an endless number of new sentences.
Word: _____________   Parts: ________________________________
Definition: _________________________________________________
4. The young Swiss tennis player has demonstrated his total dominance of the game by winning ten major tournaments.
Word: _____________   Parts: ________________________________
Definition: ________________________________________________
5. When James Joyce published his novel Ulysses, many critics did not appreciate the unconventional style of his writing.
Word: _____________   Parts: _______________________________
Definition: ________________________________________________
6. The university president was insensitive to the women on the faculty and so he was fired from his job.
Word: _____________   Parts: _______________________________
Definition: _______________________________________________
7. The firefighters acted heroically to save as many people as possible.
Word: _____________   Parts: _______________________________
Definition: _______________________________________________
8. Some European clocks are synchronized by satellite with a clock in Frankfurt, Germany.
Word: _____________   Parts: _______________________________
Definition: _______________________________________________
9. In his first lecture for the astronomy course, the professor gave a brilliant explanation of how the universe began.
Word: _____________   Parts: _______________________________
Definition: _______________________________________________

Latihan 5
Answer Key (Kunci Jawaban)
  1. numerous, numerical + ous, existing in large numbers
  2. telephaty, tele + phat + y, the ability of people to communicate directly with each other;s mind without using words
  3. generate, general + ate, to make money or to create jobs or work
  4. dominance, dominant + ance, a situation in which one person or thing has more influence or power than any other
  5. unconventional, un + convention + al, different from what most people consider to be usual or normal
  6. insensitive, in + sensitive, not noticing or caring about other people's feelings or needs
  7. heroically, heroic + al +ly, relating to a hero
  8. synchronized, synchron + ize + ed, to make two or more things happen or move at the same time or speed
  9. explanation, explain + ion, a reason you give for something that has happened 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prefix Exercise

Latihan Pemahaman Awalan

Latihan 1
Write the words and their definitions.
(Tulislah kata dengan awalan negatif dan definisinya.)

Prefix            Word                         Definition
       un-          unattractive               not physically attractive or beautiful
  1. un-       _____________        ______________________________
  2. non-     _____________        ______________________________
  3. in-        _____________        ______________________________
  4. dis-      _____________        ______________________________

Latihan 2
Write the words and their definitions.
(Tulislah kata dengan awalan dengan arti angka atau jumlah dan definisinya.)

Prefix             Word                        Definition
  1. uni-      _____________        ______________________________
  2. bi-       _____________        ______________________________
  3. tri-       _____________        ______________________________
  4. quad-  _____________        ______________________________
  5. cent-   _____________        ______________________________
  6. mono- _____________        ______________________________
  7. du-      _____________        ______________________________

Latihan 3
Write the words and their definitions
(Tulislah kata dengan awalan yang berhubungan dengan waktu dan definisinya.)

Prefix              Word                        Definition
  1.  pre-   _____________        _______________________________
  2. re-      _____________        _______________________________
  3. post-   _____________        _______________________________
  4. prime- _____________       _______________________________
Latihan 4
Write the words and their definitions
(Tulislah kata dengan awalan yang menunjukkan hubungan dan definisinya.)

Prefix                Word                        Definition
  1. com-         __________            _____________________________
  2. inter-         __________            _____________________________
  3. sym-, syn- __________            _____________________________
  4. ex-            __________            _____________________________
  5. sub-          __________            _____________________________
  6. tele-          __________            _____________________________
  7. super-       __________            _____________________________
  8. contra-      __________            _____________________________
Selamat mencoba tantangan.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berbahasa Inggris

Anak-anak dan orang dewasa yang memperoleh bahasa dengan sukses di luar ruang kelas nampak menunjukkan kemiripan-kemiripan tertentu dalam pengalaman belajar mereka. Pertama, mereka biasanya diekspos (dipaparkan) kepada bahasa yang mereka lebih atau kurang memahami meskipun mereka sendiri tidak dapat menghasilkan bahasa yang sama secara spontan. Kedua, mereka termotivasi untuk belajar bahasa agar mereka dapat berkomunikasi. Dan yang terakhir, mereka memiliki kesempatan untuk menggunakan bahasa yang mereka sedang pelajari, dengan begitu memberi diri mereka sendiri kesempatan untuk melenturkan otot-otot bahasa dan mengecek kemajuan dan kemampuan mereka sendiri dalam komunikasi nyata.

Siswa ruang kelas tidak biasa mendapatkan macam paparan atau dorongan yang sama sebagaimana mereka yang--pada usia apa saja--sedang memperoleh bahasa. Tetapi itu tidak berarti mereka tidak dapat belajar bahasa jika kondisi yang benar diterapkan. Seperti pembelajar bahasa di luar sekolah, mereka akan perlu dimotivasi, dipaparkan kepada bahasa, dan diberi kesempatan untuk menggunakannya.

Pembelajar bahasa mestinya sadar bahwa ketepatan dalam pilihan-pilihan suatu bahasa dapat menjadi suatu hal yang serius. Ketepatan semacam ini khususnya penting dalam komunikasi tertulis. Tulisan, tidak seperti percakapan, memungkinkan penulis untuk menghaluskan bahasa kita sebelum membaginya atau mempublikasikannya. Ketika penulis menunjukkan tulisan kepada orang lain, ada harapan kebenaran dan ketepatan jauh melebihi harapan dari percakapan sehari-hari. Kesalahan-kesalahan yang secara rutin diterima dalam percakapan sehari-hari nampak dengan kasat mata dalam tulisan--atau dalam situasi percakapan formal.

Guru bahasa Inggris adalah tidak satu-satunya orang yang berharap pilihan-pilihan bahasa peserta didik dibuat secara tepat dan benar. Kami berharap demikian juga, tentunya. Ketidaktepatan pemilihan dalam hubungannya dengan bahasa dapat mengganggu pembaca dari segala aspek, dapat mengacaukan orang tentang apa yang sedang kita katakan, dan dapat mengarahkan pembaca mempertanyakan kredibilitas dan profesionalisme kita.

Sehubungan dengan hal itu maka kami mencoba untuk membantu Anda sekalian dengan cara menyediakan beberapa tulisan pada blog kami. Di antaranya tulisan tentang bagaimana membuat tulisan yang runut bahasanya, bahasanya mengalir dari kalimat ke kalimat dengan mulus, gagasannya padat tertuang dalam kalimat yang efektif. Dan juga tentang bagaimana strategi meningkatkan penguasaan kosakata, dan sebagainya. Selamat mengunjungi blog kami.

Jendela Bahasa Inggris
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Latin and Greek Root Exercise

Latin Root Exercise

Latin roots
  annus = year   manus = hand
  dictus = say, speak   versum = turn
  locatum = place   visus = see

A. Tulis kata, akar kata, dan definisi jika Anda mengetahuinya atau dapat menebaknya. Kemudian cari artinya di dalam kamus untuk mengecek definisi yang Anda berikan.
Contoh: Because of problems with his vision, Sanjaya can no longer drive a car.
Word: vision                                         Root: visus                 
Your definition: being able to see                                            
Dictionary definition: ability to see                                                                 

1.  Manual workers with no special training are unlikely to find a job that pays well.
     Word: __________________     Root: __________________________
     Your definition: _____________________________________
     Dictionary definition: _________________________________
2.  If you reverse the flow of water in the experiment, you will get the opposite results as well.
     Word: __________________     Root: __________________________
     Your definition: _____________________________________
     Dictionary definition: _________________________________
3.  Historically, the earliest churches in this region were located outside the city walls.
     Word: __________________     Root: __________________________
     Your definition: _____________________________________
     Dictionary definition: _________________________________
4.  It was difficult to predict whether the injury would result in death.
     Word: __________________     Root: __________________________
     Your definition: _____________________________________
     Dictionary definition: _________________________________
5.  The bank's annual report gave details of the growth of its activities over the past twelve months
     Word: __________________     Root: __________________________
     Your definition: ______________________________________
      Dictionary definition: __________________________________
6.  The dictator rules his country with an iron hand.
     Word: __________________     Root: __________________________
     Your definition: _______________________________________
      Dictionary definition: __________________________________

B. Kata-kata yang berkaitan dalam tabel ini didasarkan pada akar kata Latin yang sama. Tulislah kata-kata dari bagian A di samping kata-kata yang memiliki akar kata yang sama. Kemudian tulislah definisi kamus dari kata-kata yang terkait.

Word from part A Related word Definition of related word
vision   visibility  the distance it is possible to see
?   revert ?
?   visualize ?
?   manipulate ?
?   anniversary ?
?   dictation ?
?   local ?

Greek Root Exercise

Greek roots
  bios = life   logos = word, speak, reason
  chronos = time   metron = measure
  genos = race, kind   pathos = suffering, feeling
  geo = earth

A.  Tulislah kata, akar kata, dan arti jika Anda mengetahuinya atau dapat menebaknya. Kemudian carilah artinya dalam kamus untuk mengecek pekerjaan Anda.
1. She spoke to him roughly because she didn't want to look lonely and pathetic in his eyes.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
    Dictionary definition: ________________________________________
2. A study that includes both men and women shows many gender differences.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
    Dictionary definition: ________________________________________
3. According to marine biologists, the temperature of the world's oceans has risen in recent years.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
    Dictionary definition: ________________________________________
4. After much study, we have concluded that there is only one logical solution to this problem.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
    Dictionary definition: ________________________________________
5. Because schools do not emphasize geography, many children in the United States lack knowledge about other parts of the world.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
     Dictionary definition: ________________________________________
6. The documents in these files are arranged in chronological order from the earliest date to most recent.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
    Dictionary definition: ________________________________________
7. Someone has altered the meter for the building so that it no longer shows how much water is used.
    Word: ______________________    Root: ______________________
    Your definition: ____________________________________________
     Dictionary definition: ________________________________________

B. Kata-kata yang berkaitan di dalam tabel ini didasarkan pada akar kata Yunani yang sama. Tulislah kata-kata dari bagian A di samping kata-kata yang punya akar kata yang sama. Kemudian tulislah definisi kamus dari kata-kata yang berkaitan.

Word from part A Related word Definition of related word
? symphaty ?
? geocentric ?
? chronicle ?
? dialogue ?
? gene ?
? metric ?
? biodegradable ?

Answer Key (Kunci Jawaban)
Latin Root Exercise
A. .....
  1. manual- manus, operated by hand, involving the use of your hands
  2. reverse- versum, to put sth in opposite position, to change a process or a situation to be the opposite of what it was
  3. located- locatum, to find the exact position of someone or sth, to find out the exact place where someone or sth is
  4. predict- dictus, to say that sth will happen in the future, to say what you think will happen in the future
  5. annual- annus, happening or done once a year, happening once a year
  6. dictator- dictus, a ruler who rules the country by force, someone who uses force to take and keep power in a country
B. .....
  • reverse, revert, to return to a previous state or way of behaving
  • visual, visualize, to form a picture of someone or sth in your mind
  • manual, manipulate, to influence someone or control sth in a clever or dishonest way
  • annual, anniversary, a date when you celebrate sth that happened in a previous year
  • predict, dictation, the art of saying sth that someone else then writes
  • located, local, a particular place or position

Greek Root Exercise
A. .....
  1. pathetic- pathos, pitiful, causing you to feel pity or sadness
  2. gender- genos, sex, the fact of being either male or female
  3. biologists- bios, someone who studies living things, a scientist who studies living things
  4. logical- logos, reasonable, seeming natural, reasonable, or sensible
  5. geography- geo, the study of the world's surface, climate, population, the study of the earth's physical features
  6. chronological- chronos, arranged in the order, arranged in the order in which the events happened
  7. meter- metron, size, a unit for measuring length
B. .....
  1. pathetic, sympathy, a natural feeling of kindness
  2. geography, geocentric, using the earth as the center
  3. chronological, chronicle, a record of events that happened in the past
  4. logical, dialogue, a process in which two people have discussion
  5. gender, gene, a pattern of chemicals within a cell that carries information
  6. meter, metric, using the METRIC system of measurement
  7. biologists, biodegradable, biodegradable substances can be broken into very small parts by bacteria

Friday, February 15, 2013

Latihan 3 Pasang Kata Kerja

Dalam kalimat 1, 2, dan 3 di bawah, lengkapilah atau isilah bentuk yang benar dari sit atau set dalam tempat kosong yang disediakan. Dalam kalimat 4, 5, dan 6, lengkapilah bentuk yang benar dari lie atau lay. Dalam kalimat 7, 8, dan 9 lengkapilah bentuk yang benar dari rise atau raise. Kemudian tulislah dua kalimat Anda sendiri, masing-masing menggunakan bentuk yang benar dari sit, set, lie, lay, rise, dan raise.

  1. When I brought the Christmas tree in, I _____________ it against the wall first and then _________ it in the tree stand.
  2. I ____________ down to rest afterward, while deciding where to ____________ the tree while we decorated it.
  3. Having ___________ the tree in front of a window, I ___________ back to rest and look at it.
  4. The ornaments were ____________ where I had _____________ them last year.
  5. The children helped me ______________ the ornaments on the table one at a time, but they didn't ___________ there long.
  6. I ____________ the rest of the decorations out and then _____________ down for a rest before looking for the lights.
  7. He tried his best to _____________ the sunken treasure ship.
  8. The sun ________________ in the east and sets in the west.
  9. The tenperature has _______________ to nearly forty degrees.

Answer Key (Kunci Jawaban):
  1. set, set
  2. sat, set
  3. set, sat
  4. lying, laid
  5. lay, lie
  6. laid, lay
  7. raise
  8. rises
  9. risen
Sit dan Set
 # Please sit down.
 # Everyone but Tom sat quickly.
# Set the books on the table.
# After you have set them down, you may go to lunch.
Lie dan Lay
 # I lie down for a nap each day at noon.
 # I have lain down regularly because the doctor ordered me to.
 #Yesterday I laid my pencil on the desk.
 # I have laid my pencil on the desk.

Rise dan Raise
# Smoke was rising from the chimney.
# My spirits rise when summer approaches.
# The hotel needs to raise its standards.
# We are doing a sponsored walk to raise money for charity.